«One and the Same»

TEDxCowes happened on 1st December, with more amazing speakers to inspire people to action for Ocean Sustainability! This year's theme was «One and the Same», how we and the Ocean are part of the Planet like different parts of the same body.What does it mean for us and for the Ocean? What does it mean for the actions that we take? And those that we decide not to take?


Nico Olivieri

Nico Olivieri

Flow and performance Consultant | Founder at The Easier Project: excellence through insight | Speaker | Author

Kara Dulai

Kara Dulai

Third Year International Relations degree student at SOAS, University of London. Sustainability advocate.

Timo Peach

Timo Peach

Storyteller, sensemaker and specialist host at creative consultancy Momo:zo

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Could Life Be Easier?
Nico Olivieri | TEDxCowes

10 % for the Planet - What can you do?
Kara Dulai | TEDxCowes

Drawing the Treasure Maps: Art's essential place in facing crisis and change
Timo Peach | TEDxCowes

«One and the Same»

All the narrative about our relationship with the Planet and Nature is one of separation. Nature and Us, the Planet and Us. While it might work to leverage our fear of becoming extinct, it does not serve us to inspire our love for life.What about a narrative where we are part of the Planet and Nature, not separate from it? A narrative of belonging and even more, BEING One with the Planet.As soon as we realise we are «One and the Same» with the Ocean and the Planet it becomes obvious that we don't want to hurt Nature because we would be hurting ourselves.

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Where and When?

The day is... 1st December 2022.
The place is... we are going to run TEDxCowes 2022 as a virtual event which will be streamed online from Cowes.
Why virtual? Because we believe we can avoid the environmental cost of 50 to 100 people travelling to the event, while retaining the same positive impact by sharing "actions worth taking" to hundreds of thousands people.As last year, we invite you to support us with your donation! Every supporter will have live access to the online streaming on 1st December!

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300k Views in 2021!

The first edition of TEDxCowes brought 7 amazing speakers on stage at the Island Sailing Club in Cowes.And one year after publishing the talks on the TEDx YouTube channel, our speakers got over 300k views!


Hall of Fame

All time TEDxCowes stars !

Never Call Doof Food: systemic change begins with personal change
Joshua Spodek | TEDxCowes

Don’t Buy a Couch: the freedom to live sustainably
Kika Mevs | TEDxCowes

Blue Spaces: the reciprocal exchange between water and wellbeing
Elizabeth Bachrad | TEDxCowes

Turning the Solent Blue: a humble mollusc, with a big impact
Andrew Hunt | TEDxCowes

Re-wind not Rewind: a vision of shipping 4.0
Gavin Allwright | TEDxCowes

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Hi, I'm Leonardo Zangrando, Naval Architect and Solo Sailor with a passion for Ocean Sustainability. My objective is to inspire 100 million people to ACTION for Ocean Sustainability. Last year I produced TEDxCowes 2021 «Ocean: Inspire» with action-inspiring talks that got over 200k views after 6 months.This year I do it again and I look for your support as a sponsor for TEDxCowes 2022 «One and the Same» with a small financial commitment and the opportunity to become part of a series of bigger projects to follow, with the objective to get 100 million people to ACTION for Ocean Sustainability!So take action yourself and get involved with TEDxCowes 2022! Take the first step sponsoring the event, and explore if you want to be part of the bigger picture, including more events, a Netflix documentary and a first of its kind scientific ocean expedition.Learn more about TEDx and the sponsoring opportunities below!

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TEDxCowes objective is to inspire millions of people to take individual and collective action for Ocean Sustainability, showing people that each one of us can have an impact, and we can multiply our individual impact 10- 100- 1,000-fold.

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If you think big and you are looking for an opportunity of a strategic sponsorship for Ocean Sustainability, TEDxCowes is just the first step of One & Ocean, a project aiming to inspire 100 million people to take individual and collective action for Ocean Sustainability, by reaching to their hearts and awakening Humanity's connection with the Ocean and the Planet.
One & Ocean is
- a solo sailing expedition around the world
- a platform for Ocean science
- a series of live events and
- a powerful documentary.
learn more on the One & Ocean website and get in touch!

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